UFC FN 168 (22.02.20) – UFC 257 (24.01.20) BETA

These probabilitiles were calculated at 2021-02-05 06:53.


UFC FN 168 (22.02.20) - UFC 257 (24.01.20) BETA


Full Sheet with Probabilities, Correlations and Scores


Data Scheme

dateDate of the bout.
eventTitle of the bout including the event name.
fav_name/und_nameName of the favorite/underdog (per 5Dimes).
ITD% that fight ends inside distance.
ITD~% that fight NOT ends inside distance.
ML_A*, ML_B*% that fav/und wins.
DEC/FIN_A/B% that fav/und wins by decision/finish(SUB/[T]KO).
N_DEC/FIN_A/B% for all other cases, except fav/und wins by decision/finish(SUB/[T]KO).